Introducing Clock PMS.
A cloud based hotel management system


Not only does Clock PMS offer all features you need from a modern hotel software. The system is designed to minimise the efforts needed for each operation, applying new principles to hotel operations, replacing the cumbersome old-fashioned procedures.

Powerful Hotel software by Clock Software
Mobile friendly

Clock PMS works on any desktop or mobile device which lets you and your staff work with the hotel management system and accomplish tasks wherever you are. What's more, all client-facing features work on your guests mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile firendly cloud hotel management system
Guest self service

Clock PMS brings your services directly to your guests mobile devices and lets them register, choose rooms, request changes, prepare invoices and even pay and check out. In real time. Because they love to be personally engaged on their mobiles, researches prove it.

Hotel PMS with mobile Guest self-service portal
Online distribution

One single inventory across all sales channels, instantly updated with each new booking or modification. The hotel software controls and synchronizes all your offline and online sales, so that you avoid overbookings and save tons of manual work.

Property management system with integrated channel manager
Clouded on Amazon

Powered by AWS*, Clock PMS wears the level of security provided by the leaders in cloud infrastructure. Multiple servers and geo locations guarantee the protection against most possible failures, high operational speed and uninterrupted service for your hotel software.

Reliable cloud based hotel software powered by Amazon Web Services
Scalable costs

Many of the features of the Clock PMS hotel software are offered as Add-ons. This enables you to configure your own functionality set and adjust it to your needs and budget at any moment. You pay only for the features you use, as long as you use them, on a monthly basis.

Cost-saving hotel management software system

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