Free internet reservation system
for very small hotels, B&Bs, Inns, etc.

innHand is our very first cloud web reservation system. It is now free, but it's no longer supported or developed *. We are all focused on Clock PMS - the versatile affordable hotel software for small to big properties.

* innHand is now a free service, but with the following limitations:

  • no bug fixes
  • no support
  • no development of new features
  • no guaranteed server uptime (innHand is not hosted on secure servers - uptime, backups and data protection are low-level)
  • no credit cards (innHand is not PCI DSS compliant and you handle credit card data on your own risk)
  • not offering TripConnect integration, OTA distribution (Booking, AirBnB), iCal, special promotions
  • innHand is a standalone booking app - it does (and will) not offer front desk system, reports, revenue management, back office etc.

If you need any of these features, please check out Clock PMS - it has them all and many more.

Discover Clock PMS


Provided for free. However, no bug fixes, no support, no guaranteed uptime.

  • Basic website bookings
  • Basic reservation diary
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud based

Clock PMS

A cloud based
hotel management system

  • Advanced website bookings
  • Telephone bookings
  • Credit cards
  • iCal & Channel manager
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud based
  • Securely hosted on Amazon WS
  • User rights control
  • Guest self-service
  • Connect with OTAs
  • iCal Synchronization
  • Other PMS features
  • Restaurant POS integration
  • Revenue Management
  • Support
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Discover Clock PMS

What does the free Internet reservation system do?

If you run a small hospitality business with only a few rooms and want to introduce online bookings to your website visitors and Facebook fans, you can try innHand. It is also a basic solution if you want to replace pen and paper methods with a digital booking calendar.

innHand is the application that helps you throw old fashioned cumbersome methods away and start managing your reservations faster, easier and error-free. It is a very simple and basic booking engine to easily integrate with your website or Facebook page.

Additionally, innHand helps you to keep track of your traditional off-line reservations, guest folios and invoices.

innHand is a cross-platform reservation software compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, etc. It is web based, optimised for desktop and mobile devices and requires no installation or complicated set up.

Internet reservation system

Internet reservation system for your web site, offering live availability calendar, commission-free bookings, email confirmation and online payment.

Help and FAQ

innHand is no longer supported, however we provide a Q&A section where you can find your answer and some helpful installation guidelines.


Visit the demo page where you can see a real example of how innHand internet reservation system looks like and works on a sample website and at your end.

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By subscribing to innHand you confirm that you accept the functionality and service limitations described on product's overview page.

Internet reservation system is just one tool. Clock PMS is a complete B&B software that won't leave anything slip your attention.

Clock PMS is affordable

Manage 10 rooms, with web reservation system and guest self service included, for just $35.
Yes, that affordable!

Clock PMS is easy

Complete the basic settings and start working in just half an hour. No installation or special hardware is required.

Clock PMS is secure

Secure and reliable hosting on Amazon servers and data encryption grant the safety of your data and higher system uptime.

Clock PMS is powerful

From the front desk to the back office - it covers it all, focusing on guest experience and service excellence.

Grant the success of your business at the price of an average dinner!