Is innHand Free internet reservation system right for you?

If you need booking integration from OTAs like Expedia or Booking and safe credit card payments, we recommend Clock PMS.

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Free Internet reservation system

The Internet reservation system, also called online booking engine, allows your guests to make online reservations on the web site of your property.

Manage room availability

The availability of rooms can be managed in two ways:
With innHand reservation system you can manage all reservations, online and offline. You have a complete single image of your availability and innHand can sell all your free rooms online. The rooms booked off-line will automatically become unavailable for online sale.
Alternatively, you can manage on-line reservations only. In this case, rooms booked off-line need to be blocked manually so they are not available online.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Automated download of OTA bookings
  • Synchronised availability and advanced distribution
  • Occupancy forecast and advanced reports

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Each room is visible and bookable

Guests can check your availability and book each separate room. The availability calendar helps them to find the most suitable room available. Each room is described in text and photos.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Let your visitors book by room type or room number
  • Translate any field of the web reservation system in any language
  • Promote special rates and packages with deep links

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Multiple rooms reservation

Guests can book online more than one room at a time by adding them to a basket, as they would in any other e-shop. Internet reservations can be made for different periods and each room gets an individual reservation number.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Versatile folios and invoicing, mass update of bookings
  • Group reservations and event management
  • Full front desk functionality / company and guest profiles

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Sell extra services and activities

Guests can add extra services or activities to each online booking.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Sell gift vouchers on your website to increase revenue
  • Create and sell packages online that will make your business shine
  • Automated or manual posting of extra charges to any folio

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Deposits for internet reservations

innHand Internet reservation system supports PayPal payments as guarantee method to finalise and confirm an online booking. The deposit amount required by each guarantee method can be different. Deposits can be set up as a percentage of the entire amount of a reservation or equal the rate for a given number of nights.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Compliance to the PCI Data Security Standards, PayPal, Worldpay
  • Flexible guarantee policy linked to every rate
  • Deposit folios, charge transfer, accounts receivable

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Online booking confirmations

innHand will automatically e-mail confirmation messages for each Internet reservation, including Google map location for driving directions. Each confirmation can be branded with a custom header, containing a logo and custom text. Additional footer can also be added.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Guest engagement through the Self Service Portal, reviews
  • Customer recognition, greeting and personal approach
  • Automated pre-arrival and post-departure emails

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Smartphone compatible

On their side, guests can check availability, book rooms and cancel their online bookings on their smartphones - using mobile browsers or your personalised innHand mobile app.

On your side, you can manage availability, rates, descriptions and photos on your smartphone.

Internet reservations and availability can also be managed on any PC or laptop.


You can set one or multiple rates for each room type and specify some variables for each rate, like number of guests in room or adult/children combinations, minimum and maximum stay, arrival in certain periods and days of the week. Additionally, you can choose the days of the weekend to adjust the weekend rates and add seasonal prices as well.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Advanced rate and yield management applies to all channels
  • Derived rates to automate the pricing adjustments you make
  • Tour operator contracts, commission processing and invoicing

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Easy seamless integration into your web site

InnHand Internet reservation system can be easily integrated into your existing web site. All you need to do is paste one single line into the html code. For a better customer experience you can also add several widgets, including availability calendars and search boxes.
The Internet reservation system can be fully personalised in terms of colours, fonts, logo and welcome message.
Fully compatible with most popular Content Management Systems like Joomla! and WordPress.

Get more with Clock PMS

  • Connect the web reservation system to Google Analytics
  • Translate it in any language you want
  • Generate special links to promote each offer separately

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Note from Clock Software:

Please mind that innHand is provided for free and is suspended from support and development. All our efforts are put in Clock PMS where we offer full support and constantly add new features and make improvements.

Internet reservation system is just one tool. Clock PMS is a complete B&B software that won't leave anything slip your attention.

Clock PMS is affordable

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Clock PMS is easy

Complete the basic settings and start working in just half an hour. No installation or special hardware is required.

Clock PMS is secure

Secure and reliable hosting on Amazon servers and data encryption grant the safety of your data and higher system uptime.

Clock PMS is powerful

From the front desk to the back office - it covers it all, focusing on guest experience and service excellence.

Grant the success of your business at the price of an average dinner!

Internet reservation system

Internet reservation system for your web site, offering live availability calendar, commission-free bookings, email confirmation and online payment.

Help and FAQ

innHand is no longer supported, however we provide a Q&A section where you can find your answer and some helpful installation guidelines.


Visit the demo page where you can see a real example of how innHand internet reservation system looks like and works on a sample website and at your end.

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